13 year old masterbation tips

hey im 13 and I need tips for masterbation, like have the best orgasom I can have.

any tips?

Answer #1

im 13 I need a girl to talk to im sorta bi I think girls are hot so comment or reply

Answer #2

omg! I BROKE MY FACET In my bath tub by accident and my father ficked it but he had put this kinda house thing on it. so 1 daii I lifted my legs up and the water started to hit my clit and it felt so gud. try a clit stimulater. trust me you will get an orgaem…sorri I know I spelled sum wrds rong

Answer #3

what I do is rub my clit until I start to get wet then rub a lil bit faster and let me tell ya that feels good..another is you can use a vibrating (I don’t know how to spell that srry lol)tooth brush and that feels sooo good you will get a good orgasim…make sure every thing is sanartiary dont want to get any infectiong and have fun =^p

Answer #4

No one can tell you how to masturbate. Its what you think feels best A tip that everyone can use, male or female… the longer you take to climax, the better your orgasm is. So if you feel that you are about to cum… stop. Just stop. And then a minute later start again. As soon as you feel you are about to cum again, stop. Prolonging the orgasm can be frustrating, but once you do allow yourself to cum, it will be AMAZING! Just have fun. Experiment. You are only young.

Answer #5

umm anyone who has aim message me my aim is msexilexi2000

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