Masterbation tips

Does anyone know any good masterbation tips? I won’t see my boyfriend until the weekend and I’m super horny right now!

Answer #1

just do what you think feels good maybe if you rub your clit or you can slide 2 fingures into your vagina it mite help I dont know im not very good with this stuff

have fun lol

Answer #2

i do! take the handle of a disposable rasor in take it in and out… had so many orgasms i wet the bed

Answer #3

put ur pussy under the bath faucet and just let it run on your pussy until u orgasm

Answer #4

Note:(this only works if u have a detatchable shower head with “low to high” settings) 1.Find a comfortable way to lay down in the tub with the shower head on and spread ur legs. 2.Point it on ur pussy from atleast 8 inches to a foot away.(not directly in the middle, but kind of off to the side or on ur clit)
3.start on the lowest setting first. Start switching it and go higher and higher, until u find the setting that feels the best on u. Mine is the 3rd and 4th. 4.It might start to tickle alot, but dont pull away. Trust me, thats the best part. 5.keep repeating steps 3 and 4 until u orgasm, or until someone kicks u out of the bathroom. lol Ok, now have fun with that ladies ;

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