Tips for masterbation?

Okay so I really need some help because I cant get an orgasm and im not old enough to buy anything but when I am believe me thats the first thing im buying :) but I really need some help does anyone have any tips to help mee and I need to kind of keep quite because I dont want my parents to know that im doing this but I’ve been doing this for a while so maybe you could help!

Answer #1

chick is right about the shower head but try it some time when people are home the chance of getting caught might be more exciting

Answer #2

I like to masturbate in the shower. The shower head companies know what people are going to be doing with those long shower hoses and nozzles with the diff. setting on them. ; ). anyways if you have one of those just wait till your parents arent home and go for it. u’ll be able to tell if its wrkin for you or not

Answer #3

find your self how to get turn ON like try to watch PORN watch movies that X rated it has not to much body exposed or scene of penetration but it gives you a little heat an seduction that makes you turn ON

Answer #4

do something that turns you on and then try and masturbate. personally, I do sex chat for that and I find it really coool.

Answer #5

Read some sex stories or watch porno soo you can get turned on and a little wet then finger youself, play with yer clit, find yer g-spot..err I heard some people use things like brushes or the tip of the tooth brush to masterbate? Or use the shower head. Good luck. (:

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