Thinking of trying this...

Flint + Steel = Spark? What’s the reaction that makes it spark? Would flint and a steel file work?

Answer #1

Try it . . . . . . . . . what have you got to lose, unless you do it over dry grass or wood or something stupid like that one strike probably won’t make fire . . . .

but if you’re house burns down . . . . .don’t quote me . . . . . . . . xD

Answer #2

No, but what I mean is like a packaged piece of flint with steel that is garunteed to strike a number of times. . . . .


oh and flick+steel (normally) = sparks

Answer #3

I don’t know if it would work but I know that if you go in to camping shops and stuff you can buy proper ones. Where you get a piece of flint and steel and the packet should even say how many strikes you get out of it . . . . ..


Answer #4

The reaction is caused by friction. The flint heats up so much causing it to glow. The sparks are tiny pieces of flint flying off.

Answer #5

Proper ones? There’s flint in my field, I know what it looks like :P lol

Answer #6

well, I wanna try it so bad lol :D

Answer #7

lolol I’ll remember this :D

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