What kind of things do you think the Titanic 3D Map Expedition will uncover?

Considering the site has had many years to rust and decay, do you think it’s likely that they’ll even find anything of value, or has all the interesting stuff long deteriorated?

Answer #1

I think whatever they “uncover” will have already been uncovered years before this. The site as you said, is over 90 years old, so it’s probably 70% deteriorated. If they find anything of value, it will be only small fragments of things that they overlooked years ago.

Just my two cents.

Answer #2

i think i have to agree on this one…after the making of the movie, i think it is more likely when more expeditions were already on the search for anything that may have still been preserved back like 10 or so years ago…what ever would be left might be remains of perhaps things that werent of real value…sad…but just my thoughts on the issue as well.

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