How do you think dinosaur bones ended up in an Edmonton, Alberta sewer?

The fossils were found in a sewer tunnel by a city drainage crew, but the strange thing is, wouldn’t they have seen the fossils when they initially built the sewer? It’s not exactly an easy miss.

Answer #1

Conspiracy! I can’t think of anything logical…

Answer #2

that is really an interesting question, you would think if they were building a sewer, with all the digging & moving things from place to place they would have come up with that earlier, what makes you seriously wonder if it wasnt put there after the sewer was built from the get go! (o,0)

Answer #3

The government they should try to build more housing and businesses in places where there might be historic fossils, or historic items, they just don’t dig deep into the dirt to make sure they aren’t building stuff on top of those kinds of things, they’re more money hungry than they do care about precious items from the past that could be in museums for many to see than destroyed when construction is under way.

It’s wrong how the world works in some ways and it needs to be changed, but I doubt that will happen.

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