Should I study for tests?

Do you think I should study for my test or just do what I know?

Answer #1

Depends on which choice will give you the best RESULTS….both short-term and long-term.

Answer #2

you should always study ( unless you hate with passion j.k.) because not only will it increase your performance on the test for that class, it will get you into the habit of studying for when you’re in college.

Answer #3

I find what works for me is going over my notes, but not getting too crazy about it, which can cause stress. Don’t try to cram everything in, but you should definitely do some studying, but make sure you get your sleep and eat well. Best of luck,peace!

Answer #4

It depends on many things. If the test is important STUDY . A nice way of studying is doing it with a friend or classmate (as you are a girl, study with a girl).

Answer #5

You should ALWAYS study for a test. Tests are a big part in the final grade (at least in our school). Don’t depend on what you think you already learned in class. Sometimes it’s better to hear it in class, then read it while studying.

I can admit to not studying all the time. I might look over a sheet or two for five minutes, but that’s about it. I am, luckily, good at winging things. I do know that in college I can’t just wing tests and still expect to get an A. I am getting better at studying though. **Good study habits start now!! What you do (or don’t do) now will affect what you do later on in life…

Answer #6

You should study for a test cuz in doing so you might actually find out you missed something you did not realize earlier. Also studying for a test will increase you score and studying also helps secure your knowledge . Good luck!

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