How do you study for math tests?

im getting a D in math right now, I no how 2 study 4 every ubject EXCEPT 4 math. study tips? (if you have just general study tips that wood be cool 2)

Answer #1

Practice… Just do a bunch of problems…

Answer #2

Hi, with maths practice makes perfect. literally.

The more questions you do, the better you will get at it. Here is how to work out a question on maths: Do the question and DO NOT look at the answer, really attempt it well and when you are finished mark your question and sit an figure out exactly what you did wrong and why you made that mistake. Even if you do 5 questions and do them properly it will still be better that doing 100 questions and not doing them that properly. You can buy books with extra math questions or even ask your teacher for it. You’ll see once you start getting even a little bit of it it will become much easier.

Good luck.

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