Buniess Study!Test!School!...Please Help Me!

Do you know any things,website..e.c that will help me for buiness study’s at school.I have a test tommor and it would really help,because I’m rubbish and I mean RUBBISH at Buiness Study’s…Thank you!

Answer #1

Im looking for…well it’s hard to explain…Its the Netcash,Opening Cash,Closing Cash…bla bla bla

For exzample

John earns £120 euro a week and has a bonus of £23 for overtime.

Then you have this Chart with the months on the top of this sheet,and you have to fill in where it say’s John Smith…You get it.. sorry it’s hard to explain..

Answer #2

I hoped I explained ok,I know what to do it’s just I would like to revise by looking up some websites or somthing that will help! Thanx u!

Answer #3

It’s ‘business’ studies, and you’ll have to be more specific with what you’re looking for - there are several variations of business studies.

Answer #4

Need more detail to help you.

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