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I had a chemistry test today that I had to study for, I cant study for two things at once I get confused. Im a freshman in college so there is no study guides. Tomorrow I have a political science test. I dont like the class and dont know how to study. I made a 64 on my first test so I need to do well! Its my last test. It on public opinion and political socialization political participation political parties candidates and campaigns, interest groups, and the news media. Please help!

Answer #1

I am in the process of studying now. I have little interest in the class, but I had to take it. Im struggling with staying focused because it bores me

Answer #2

So you basically havent studied for your test yet?

I’m not sure what you can do in one night. Do you have power points or notes from class? I’d try and focus on major topics brought up and focused on by the professor. They tend to ask questions focusing on things they’ve talked about. If it’s a 100 level class, they tend to look for a lot of the basics, the technical stuff, like definitions and stuff. It really is just a lot of memorizing. Look out for the words in bold.

In the future - read your book, highlight, I like to summarize the main stuff in powerpoints or bullet point format, some people like flash cards, I’d look up your text book to see if there’s questions online, make 20 questions and have someone in your class write out 20 questions and switch.

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