Drivers test studying

Where is a good website that enables you to study for the drivers test,I want to pass the first time and not the 2nd.

Answer #1

There’s practice tests on the DMV website The tests you need to practice for is Regular Driver (Class C License) There’s like 5 practice tests, just copy this link. Good Luck!!! =)

Answer #2

I guess I would get an old fashioned DRIVERS MANUAL available at all of the examination stations- then you can carry the information wherever you wish and read it and study it.

Answer #3

Yes - know the driver’s manual really well! Also, practice driving, and not just around town. Drive a block and park. Drive another block and parallel park. Back into your driveway. Back down the alley, using your mirrors instead of looking over your shoulder. If you are driving a standard, take off only using the clutch, no accelerator. Practice emergency stops. Practice taking off on a hill. Try to do a lot of your practice where there is no heavy traffic until you are comfortable, then move into a heavier traffic area and keep practicing. Read over your manual when you need a break. Have a friend ask you questions from the manual. If you really want to, you will pass - no problem!

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