Answer #1

yes ! This might be the best question that anyone has ever asked on here.

There is so much to tell about Jesus that all the books in th whole world couldn’t tell it all.

The most important thing to know is that if you were the only person that ever lived he would have died just for you.

Why ? because you are the most precious thing in the universe to him.

Our problem is sin - and sin means we are all going to die - Jesus came to conquer the last enemy - death - if you believe in your heart that he lived, died, was buried, and rose from the dead, and confess it with your mouth, in that instant you are transported from death to life and you will spend eternity in paradise.

Its not something you can earn, its a free gift that Jesus died to give you since you could’nt do it yourself. Thats why on the cross he said it is finished or in the literal language - it is paid in full. He paid your sin debt for you.

Answer #2

It is believed that he actually died because the Bible is not the only source of document which documented his death.

Jewish source: Talmud, b. Sanhedrin 43a: On the eve of the Passover Yeshu [Jesus] was hanged [or crucified].

Roman source: Cornelius Tacitus in his Annals, xv. 44: Christus … was executed at the hands of the procurator Pontious Pilate.

Lucian of Samosata: (Christ was) the man who was crucified in Palestine

There are a number of other sources from the 1st-2nd centuries which documented the crucifixion of Jesus by the Romans.

One of the gospel also recorded the death as being confirmed when the roman soldier pierced Jesus’s side with a spear after his death and water and blood flowed out. This, in modern day medicine, appears to be the separation of clot and serum, which occurs after death.

His death is quite well documented by many different sources outwith the Bible. As to whether he died willingly, the Bible, besides documenting his cry to God before his death, also documented the way he talked about his death before he was captured, and various opportunities he had to escape death. More importantly, if one is going to use “Why has thou forsaken me” against the person who said it himself, one should also pay attention to “It is finished” - the very line he said before he died. In summary, he knew he was going to be betrayed, he knew what was going to happen, and he knew he was going to die. It seemed more probable that his death was a plan he had than it being his misfortune.

As for the resurrection, this event without doubt defies everything we know in modern day science. People don’t rise form the dead. Since there is enough evidence to confirm that he was dead, there are 2 scenarios that could have occured after his death:

  1. His body was stolen by the apostles.
  2. The Romans hid his body.

When one considers the 1st possibility, if his body was indeed stolen by the apostles, please do remember that these apostles were people who followed someone they thought was god, someone they thought was going to change the world, and now, this person is killed by the hands of human beings. They would have been quite disillusioned, and depressed. And indeed, if they had to go steal a corpse of a person who claimed that he would rise, would they go on preaching the religion he started and eventually get killed, crucified or tortured? If they really did have to hide the fact that he died, why would they die for this lie that he resurrected? Would you die for a lie like that? For the second possibility, the Romans had difficulty controlling the growth of the early church at that time. If they had hidden the body, they could have easily presented the body to stop any rumours of Jesus resurrecting.

Now, for the possibility that he was put in the tomb alive. Anyone with common sense would know that a person who was crucified under those conditions would have very low chances of surviving, even if the person did not die. Imagine having nails driven through your hands and feet, your shoulder joints dislocated, being slowly suffocated for 3 hours on the cross (the way death occurs in crucifixion is by suffocation. The person is hung by the palms of their hands so that to breath, they would have to pull themselves up for the lungs to be able to expand. They will keep doing this, usually with the help of their legs, to push themselves up. As they tire out, through the loss of fluids and blood, they run out of energy to pull themselves up and die of suffocation- and that is the reason the romans broke their legs in the movie Passion of Christ to quicken death). From the torture prior to him being put onto the cross, his wounds would have given him enough infection, and back then, there was no antibiotics. Up till the invention of penicillin in 1928, Streptococcus pyogenes caused half of all post-birth deaths and was a major cause of death from burns. Staphylococcus aureus was fatal in 80 percent of infected wounds, basically, bacterial infection is deadly. From the way Jesus’s body was broken and the number of wounds he had, it was quite unlikely for him to even survive.

And now, if all these did happen, there are only 2 possible scenarios: Jesus was a lunatic who thought he was the Son of God - that would mean no resurrection, and the miracles he performed, were demonic acts. Jesus was indeed the Son of God and rose on the third day after he was crucified - that will mean that he did die for our sins, and that would also validate all the things he said.

How you balance the evidence is really up to yourself. But for me, there is enough evidence for the resurrection, in spite of the event defying every scientific theory I can think of.

Answer #3

anyone whose done research will know three hours on the cross is nothing, people have lived up on the cross for nine days.


Answer #4

well different people believe in different things and me personally no. I dont believe in that. I dont believe in anything. like my religion is just ‘question mark’ because I dont know. I think its a possibility but how am I to know for sure? as of now I dont see how he could be real. I see every possibility in different theories but none of them are able to be proven so no one knows for sure. people just go by what theyre brought up in or what they choose to believe in.

Answer #5

Surprising as it may seem, she’s actually correct(assuming you’re a chick do to you’re pic). I personally thought the maximum anyone could make it on the cross would be 3 days(dehydration, lack of food, exposure), but still, 3 hours is nothing in comparison, even to just a single day, especially for someone who claims to be the child of a god(no offence). On many of the documentaries I’ve watched, people have actually made it on the cross for nine days, though not many. How, I don’t know, I’m further researching that. It is extremely shocking & quite surprising.

& I’m impressed, hourglass. Not too many people know about Que

Answer #6

He died because he went out of his ways to preach to others & caused riots. He was a wanted man & turned in. He was no more special or no less special than anyone else at the time, assuming he did exist & assuming he did indeed die on the cross. You do know he was only crucified for 3 hours as opposed to the average 3 days, or sometimes they’ld leave your body to rot off. Some people claim that the shroud of Christ was found(though it could be anyone’s). But assuming it is his, if you believe it is his, then he didn’t die at all. The shroud portrays bleeding, dead men don’t bleed. Rosemary & rue was taken to his grave, herbs with extreme medical properties that are still used today. Some scientist theorize that he was put into a coma state. Rosemary & rue was anointed to his body & covered with a shroud to keep out insects & such. Before his body was caught gone on the third day he was helped out & went on to live a new life. Even if he did die I doubt he was willing. If he was so willing then why would he give out a plea of desperation “God, why have thou forsaken me?”, an obvious cry for desperation, which would make it appear that he was not ready to die.

But hey, people are going to beleve what they’re going to believr. so the question is, do you believe he did?

Answer #7

hmm. you’ll get different answers obviously…depending on who you ask…

but I am a christian. and I’m telling you, he did die for you. & me.

Answer #8

well the abyss anyone whose done research will know three hours on the cross is nothing, people have lived up on the cross for nine days. Rosemary & rue were used to treat infections & were taken to his tomb His death was documented originally by only a few sources at most & then re-written by other sources. Que being one of the very original sources. Luke & Mathew being some of the ones who copied & re-wrote

Answer #9

it depends on what you believe. I don’t believe that.

Answer #10

Jesus did not die. He is alive in heaven.

Answer #11

That depends on your BELIEFS… since nobody knows for sure…

Answer #12

Yes, He did.

Answer #13

Jesus, also known as Isa (Alaihi Salaam) was sent on this earth by God, hie was born from the the virgin Mary, he was sent here to proclaim the good news to the believers, which is to love and submit themselves to their lord, God. He preformed many miracles, he healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, he even brought people back from the dead. All these miracles were performed with the permission of God. As he was preaching, his death was coming near so God (swt) took Jesus (alaihi salaam) and raised him up to the heavens close to him, to return again on the day of judgement.

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