Teacher get fired?

at school theres a teacher who has a tongue piercing! and he has tattoos on his body so hes always wearing long sleeved shirts! when he yells at everyone in the class, he SMILES ( possibly because he doesnt want us to see his piercing while hes yelling). do you think he should get fired?

Answer #1

uhhh, NO! People enjoy piercings and tattoos. Atleast he’s trying to look presentable by covering the tattoos, but it’s not that big a deal. Also, people don’t “smile” when the yell they grit their teeth which looks like they’re smiling, but they’re not. It’s common, actually.

Answer #2

No way,that shouldn’t violate anything within your school rules for the teachers,as long as his tattoos are covered up,he should be fine. The piercings shouldn’t be to much of a problem unless there VERY visible on his face.

Answer #3

Because of how he looks, or because he yells?

I don’t think anyone should be fired based on their appearance (considering it’s not harming anyone). If he’s yelling, then maybe he just needs to be told to tone it down a bit.

Answer #4

Not in the least…This guy seems very animated, there is no crime in being animated. Most teachers are more deadTHANaLIVE If this guy has s piercing big deal…I for one think thats hawt!


Answer #5


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