How can I get on my teacher's good side?

what is the best way to get on your teachers good side

Answer #1

Pay attention - turn in your assignments on time - be a positive influence on your classmates…Good luck !!

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Answer #3

Yeah, it really does depend on the teacher. Some are just mean and won’t give a sh*t if your nice to them or not. So just be on your best behavior and nice. I never got on the good side of a teacher so thats the best advice i could give lol <3.

Answer #4

Luvly’s got it right. Respect.

Pay attention in class.
If you don’t get something, ask the teacher to help explain it one more time so you get it. Be on time for when class starts.

Oh, and if you’ve had the teacher before and it’s like you were at war, stop by his or her desk after class and say “I’m going to do better in here this year.” Teachers have this little switch inside that goes “AllRIGHT, kid! That’s what we like to hear!” and they believe in you again. Don’t ruin it with old behavior and you’ll do great.


Answer #5

depends on ur teacher. some of the main ones are make good grades and be good.

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