How do I get certain teachers to leave me alone?

i just want to do my work in silence no conversation…like i dont want to be mean about it but they’re always asking me if i need help, surely if i needed help i wouldnt hesitate to ask ya know… but yea it just seems like they’re always in my face and i cant get rid of them they are getting annoying acting as if im some child

Answer #1

Well in that case i will suggest you to talk about it with your teachers that you want to do your silently. If it doesn’t help then ignore looking at them. You can sit behind all of the student and wear clothes which doesn’t attract people. for example wearing Hijab will be wonderful if you think the teacher is attracted to you . Hope my suggestion will help.

Answer #2

Be grateful as there are some teachers that will watch you fail and refuse to help you. All i can say is that your lucky. I know that’s not what you want to hear but believe me, if many children got that treatment we would have a much better education system, no matter where it is.

Answer #3

consult your parents

Answer #4

If they they are always in your face tell them politely what you mean. Tell them in a nice way that you will ask for help if you need it. DON’t be rude or sarcastic I’ve been there many times and it has never ended well for me.

Answer #5


Answer #6

tell them in a nice way hey miss or Mr. can I talk to you after class or after school & if they say yes or not today maybe tomorrow either way talk to them & tell them how you feel & hopefully they would understand & let you do your work peacefully (=

Answer #7

work hard in their class, and then they will probably leave you alone .

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