Can a teacher be fired for simply not being a good teacher?

Answer #1

ehh depend on how she not being a good teacher, like maybe being rude probably not but if she treating the kids like dirt then probably yes.

Answer #2

Yes - a teacher’s job is to teach and if the students aren’t learning, then they can be terminated.

Answer #3

Ofcouse! The reason there at the school is too teach and if their not doing that then they need to leave. Teachers like that are taking up space.

Answer #4

In the U.S. it is tough. Very few teachers are actually fired. There’s a strong union, and once they have tenure it’s practically impossible.

Answer #5

There are certain conditions necessary in the taught and also in the teacher. The necessary for the taught are purity and a real thirst after knowledge, and perseverance. Purity in thought speech and act is absolutely necessary. As for after knowledge, it is an old law that we all whatever we want. In regard to the teacher, we must see that he knows the spirit of the books. The whole world reads so many books, but they are all only words, syntax, etymology, philology the dry bones of knowledge. The teacher who deals too much in words and allows the mind to be carried away by the force of word loses the spirit. It is the knowledge of the spirit of the books alone that constitutes the true teacher. The second condition necessary for the teacher is sinlessness. The sine qua non of acquiring truth for oneself, or for imparting to others, is purity of heart and soul. He must be perfectly pure and then only comes the value of his words. The function of the teacher is indeed an affair of the transference of something and not one of mere stimulation of existing intellectual or other faculties in the taught.

If the teacher is good enough like this then there is no reason at all for the teacher to be fired.

Answer #6

If the students are not performing, then we got to see what is wrong with the students as sometimes there will be fault in students and everything cannot be blamed on teachers alone But if students doesn’t perform well just because teacher is not making them understand the subject and doesn’t teach well, maybe teacher has to be removed as there is no other way around.

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