Good nick name for funny teacher??

Ok so their is this teacher who bounces when he walks… I am trying to think of a funny name for him. Like, bunny bouncer… Or… Bouncer.. I dont know do you liek those? Please tell me your ideas!!!

Answer #1

his name is Mr. Vinton… lol those are some funny ideas .. TRX Mr. BOUNCE.. my class mates would love those!

Answer #2

bouncyhead Mr.BOUNCE!

could you tell us his name???
it’ll be much easier to find him a nick name by the time I find out what his name is. I’ll give you loads of ‘em!! I JUST need the “name” :)

Answer #3

Trix.. LOL!That just popped up in my mind when you said that he bounces. haha I’ve been watching too many trix commercials. :D

Answer #4


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