How can I make a good 1st impression on my teachers without really talking to them?

Tomorrow will be my 1st day of 10th grade. And this year im doing things totally different if not going to loud or mean. Im gonna do homework so It doesn’t pile & all that other good stuff. But I rather not really get to close with the teachers (unless I really like them). I know you only have one chance to a first impression. So Please give me tips!

Answer #1

Try and work hard and don’t be too loud or vain like making her look over because ur making a fuss and/or scribbling untidily.

Answer #2

Just do your homework, hand it on time, and do what he or she asks you to do. This is all I did and I’m pretty sure I’m on my teacher’s good side.

Answer #3

Smile, raise your hand, and be prepared. Have all your stuff ready. Pens, pencils, paper, binder, phone on vibrate. Ect.

Answer #4

smile and just say hi when u walk in and bi wen u leave. hand in wat u hav

Answer #5

Just like they said , do all your homework (and if you have a few days to get it in , try getting it in early) , get everything signed rift away , listen and don’t talk to people around you , wear non revealing clothes , don’t get in trouble , dont talk back (be respectful) ,smile , raise your hand , be organized , study , get good marks , sit up straight , be nice to everybody , just be a good student (:

Answer #6

be veryy attentive.

Answer #7

be attentive in class and partisipate when asked , do assignments and turn in on time, don’t be late for class and don’t talk when asked not to.

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