Does anyone know of some good tanning lotion?

Hey, does anyone know any good fake tans, gradual tans etc ?? I’ve tried loads but because I work as a hairdrsser, sometimes peroxide and dye etc gets on your skin, it just leaves white patches all over my skin and looks awful lol.

Answer #1

I agree the fake bake beyond bronze is the best I’ve ever triend - bit pricey but sooo worth it - I’ve never had streaks x

Answer #2

Theres loads of great ones on the market atm, Dior’s fake tan is great, takes about a week to wash of depending on how often you put it on, looks really natural and you can be assured that you’re getting what you pay for, this comes in a natural glow or a shimmer glow for a night out, but at £2o a bottle it is a bit pricey. There is also Rimmel Sunless Tan, which can come in either the form of a lotion gel or a foam, which ever you prefer, this is GREAT it was voted best tanning product on Gmtv the other week. +& since its Rimmel you can also get a bronzing powder for you’re face so that you look like you’ve just got of the plane from the Costa Del Sol. This Retails at about £5 and is truely brilliant. Hope I helped. (:


Answer #3

ahh yeah, I’ve never tried that one, thanks x

Answer #4

try lorel sublime gel..itz reali good but just be carefull that yhuu rub it in well and all over..takes about an hour 2 dry but I find if I sit on it therez no marks so all good..:)..

Answer #5

Wow,wow,wow, tanning lotions to make Your gams look better,a great way to get dark…and… and most likely Skin Cancer in the future. sanks. ;) .

Answer #6

try beyond bronze by fake bake I use it and its the best I’ve tried xx

Answer #7

go get a spray tan done.

Answer #8

I love Dove Summer Glow because it is subtle and natural looking :)

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