Tanning lotions|tanning oils

Which tanning lotions or oils work best ? Ireallly need a tan lmao.

Answer #1

actually, just get a spray tan. its the fastest and least dangerous way…

Answer #2

What she said, Beyond bronze by Fake bake is awesome.

Answer #3

beyond bronze by fake bake! love it!

Answer #4

Any type of tan is bad for you.

Answer #5

get vichi fake tan, works on the first try

Answer #6

I just use - baby oil and water mixed together. It’s cheap and it works really well. Just make sure you don’t lay out too long because it tans you really fast and if you stay out too long you will be burnt.

Answer #7

I love coppertones gradual tan in the big bronze bottle. it looks like a real tan. not orange at all. it gives results in 2 hours and in 3 days you have an awesome tan glow.

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