Are you supposed to feel your tampon?

Are you supposed to be able to feel them?

I usually use pads,but We’re going to the ocean tomorrow,And I have my period.

So I decided to try out a tampon today and see what theyre like

I can feel it..It doesnt hurt ,but it does cause discomfort when I sit sometimes?

is that normal? did I do it right?


Answer #1

Just inside the vagina opening is a ring of muscle, you must push the tampon past that and then you won’t feel it. If you are worried, try using a little bit of vaseline on the end of the tampon and it will slip in easier. You shouldn’t be able to feel it when you’ve inserted it propertly. Message me via funmail if you need to. I’ve been using tampons since i was 13 and i’m 47 now.

Answer #2

more than likely no u didnt do it right if u can feel it specially if theres discomfort when sitting

it might just be because its the first time using one though

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