Do pads or tampons feel better?

ok so I just started my period and I was wondering which one feels better pads or tampons.

Answer #1

I have had this issue myself. and for 6 years I have been wearing pads because I thought they felt more comfortable and I was scared to use tampons. But I recently started using tampons and they feel super comfortable… you just have to find the kind that fits yuou the best =D

Answer #2

It’s possible to get Toxic SHock Syndrome if you don’t change your tampon frequently enough. It’s got somethng to do with the high absorbency. So, never ever wear one for 24 hours. Change every 4 hours or more. And dont wear them if you’re not bleeding. Use lightdays pads for that…

Answer #3

Tampo0ns feel much better on me because when I wear a pad, I notice it is there and I am afraid that it will be noticeable. so ill tell tampons, but pick the lowest absorbency you can find to avoid TTS

Answer #4

pads feel like diapers and it seems everyone can see it.but tampons you can feel it so I would go with that.

Answer #5

it depends on the person. try out both.

Answer #6

Tampons, although they take some girls a while to get used to.

Answer #7

Obviously the safest way would be pads. They both have their pros and cons. Because you’re new, just stick with pads for now.

Pads: uncomfortable but safe. The feeling of uncomfort won’t last forever, I promise. You’ll get used to it (much later) and accept the fact that monthly period is now apart of your life.

Tampons: can be more comfortable but you have to know when you should take it out and when not to. When you’re heavy enough to use which strength and when to just wear a pad. If you’re a virgin, you may find that it hurts and is extrememly uncomfortable.

Hope I’ve helped and welcome to WOMAN-HOOD!!!

Answer #8

be careful girls have seriously died from tampons:(

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