Can I swim with a tampon in?

I’m supposed to go swimming tomorrow with my aunt, & I think I’d feel awkward swimming with one in?!

Answer #1

thats actually wjats it for… have fun!!

Answer #2

thats wut a tampons for!

Answer #3

That’s what tampons are for! Just don’t flush it down the toilet - major clog!!

Answer #4

well I had this to happen; my husband and I were swimming at a hotel and there was no bleeding as I was in the pool, but as soon as I stepped out, I could feel a hot gush. I looked down and blood was running through my tampon and I only had it on about 20 minutes

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Answer #6

Absolutely. The walls of the vagina form a tight seal around the tampon, which prevents menstrual blood from exiting and pool/ocean/lake water from entering. It is perfectly safe.

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