What does a tampon feel like a dick going in?

If you put a tampon in does it feel like when a males part is going in or what ? Cause my sister says it feel like when she puts a tampon in it feel like male parts going in her.

Answer #1

it just works it way in

Answer #2

not at all! as tampon is sooo much smaller than a dick! trustt mee. and tampons are mad more comfortable haha. nahh tampons and dicks are really nothing alike except if they go up you… but thts your decision(:

Answer #3

I don’t think they do but I guess everyone is different… for me like the first 4 times I used them they was very uncomfortable (did feel like male parts now that I think about it) but now I wouldn’t use a pad for nothing. I tried usein a pad after I started usein tampons and I felt like a diaper…but like I said everyone is different on how things feel to them… I hope I helped you out a little bit… take care

Answer #4

Uh, no…

Answer #5

No, no, no! No way at all does it feel like that. The best answer given was by heavenlymind. They can however be uncomfortable at times. If I switch brands I can tell a difference. Some tampons are longer than others. Most of the longer one expand in length…which can be problem some for some petite people. There are brands that expand in width, kinda bloom so to speak. Either way none are like the intercourse at all.

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