Will tampons help the gross feeling from pads?

I am a 15 yr old. whenevr I have my period, I use pads. but I hate them because if I sit or lay down for a while and then stand up, I feel a GROSS gushing feeling. I was wondering if tampons would stop this. I have tried to use them, but it wont go in and then I get 2 scared to try anymore! please HELP!

                                              ---fed up
Answer #1

Yes, tampons are much better. It will take you a little bit to get used to them, but it is so much better than that nasty diaper feeling of a pad.

Answer #2

Yes Tampons will help with that!!! They were hard for me to put on at first but its easy once you got the hang of it!

Answer #3


Yes, tampons will stop that. You can barely feel them when inserted right, and it really helps stop the gross flow-y feeling! It hurts and is awkward for everyone at first, but once you get the hand of it, they are completely worth it. If you feel like trying again, use the smallest most SLIM tampon you can get (Junior is usually what they are called). They won’t help with the flow too much on your early days, but they’ll help you get the feel for putting them in. Also, use some sort of lube, to help it slide in easier. You can get it at like any pharmacy. It will help a LOT, trust me!

Good luck!

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