Tampon problem, help

Okay me and my friend have the very same problem…we cant insert a tampoon. Weve tried everything, evn the little sized tampons and cant do it, shes been fingered before and she still cant get it in. We both can get it in a lil bit and than it starts hurtig and wont go in anymore, what can we do?? We really want to wear them for when we swim and during volleyball bc sometimes you can see the outline of the pads in our spandex. Thanks.

Answer #1

You have to relax before trying. There are many differant ways to get them in. Some people squat, some people sit down fully on the toilet and point their pelvis up, some people put one leg up on the toilet, and there are a select few that have to lay down. Not being relaxed is the number one problem when trying to insert a tampon.

Answer #2

im 19 been having sex for years and I still cant get one in… what you need to do is get tampons with an applicator… applicator tampons slide in easier and is just generally a lot less messy too! I recommend Tampax Compak Regular! :)

Answer #3

Try using ones with plastic apllicators, the ones with cardborder applicators are absoluetly terrible. My favorite are Pearl and Sport..

Answer #4

I’ve seen information on youtube…Take care !!

Answer #5

I can remember once putting a bit of vaseline on the tip once.. that worked for me

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