major elbow/arm problem neeed help asap

baisicly I hurtmy arm severly falling off a horse and now my elbow has a problem. my mom wont take me to the doctor because she wants to see if it will get better I think my nerve is being hurt. is it broken?? I need to know fast please!!! and what are some things I can do to relive some of the pain?

Answer #1

You could ring up a doctor and tell them how you feel etc… Or, if your doctor isn’t too far away, you could go up by yourself. Try to look it up on the internet as well and try to find some websites to do with health or something. Can you move your elbow? ( please reply)

Answer #2

Well, you could try and ring up a doctor and tell them what you feel. How old are you because it would help me to give you more advice if I knew your age. If you don’t want to post it publicly here then you can funmail me. It would really help if you told me though.

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