tampon problem?

kay, this is a lil weird to say this.. but I cant put a dang tampon in. I’ve tried spreading my legs, wont work. I’ve tried one leg on toilet, wont work. help!

please and thank you.

Answer #1

It is really difficult especially for your first time or if you have never had sex. You just have to push until it is in. I had to do it for swim team in high school and it was hard and gross feeling. My doctor said the reason I had a hard time was because I was resisting and I just had to try and relax.

Answer #2

I agree with mandyloo. Another way that sometimes makes it easy is by squatting. Make sure when you push in the tampon you angle it towards your lower back (it does not go straight up).

Answer #3

Have you tried using some type of lubrication to put the tampon in? It can be really hard to insert one when your dry down there. You just need to relax and use some sort of lubrication and take your time.

Answer #4

how you going to b dry if your on ya period…try a differnt brand like tampax pearl…cardboard is harder to use than plastic

Answer #5

hmm okay,


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