I'm afraid to use a tampon...please help me.

So I’m on my period and I decided to try a tampon again, I’ve tried before but I’m scared and I try to put it in and I can’t!! I can’t find where its suppose to go in, I know where its suppose to go in but I can’t figure out how to put it in. Please don’t make fun of me I might sound like half a tard but I really do need help figuring this out and I’m at my dads house so I don’t have my mom to help me out. So if I could have some tips, how dos, that would be great.

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Ok so where you think you put it in is probaly where it goes. So what you do is angle the tampon tward your lower back and push it. Trush me it will go in. After this you just follow the instuctions from inside the box.Hope this helps!!

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just sit down on the toilet and if you want find the whole first with yuour finger then look at the tampon and you will see a top half and a bottom half put you left hand on the end of the top half

and your right hand on teh end of the tampon itself. the very bottom where the string hangs out

then relax or you may not get it in right. so relax and push it in untill your left hand fingers touch your vagina.

then with your right handpush the bottom half into the top half you should have both hands still on the original spots still.

once you push the bottom half into the top half the cardboard/or plastic should just slide off when you pull it, leaving the tampon in you and the string hanging out of your body.

good luck I had no idea how to use a tampon the first time either. I was so confused

Answer #4

I always had trouble putting tampons in but then I found something good..stick the tampon into a tup of vasaline so its covered…it goes up really easy then and dosent hurt!

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What you do is you insert the cotton end inside your vagina and when it gets halfway in you put the other part down into the tampon then pull it out. Then its safely inside

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