8th grade math question!! Need answers now!!!

Ok. So I am in 8th grade honors math so I am doing high school-level work. Each week we do these work sheets called maths mate. This week I am working on term one sheet 4. (if you do maths mate on a regular basis you will understand what I mean when I say im doing the “purple” ones) but my question is on number 10. I am stumped, I have no idea how to work that problem. For those of you out there who can help the question is…



Help me please!!! I would greatly appreciate it!!! :)

Answer #1

3/5 times 3 3 x 20=60 5 x 20=100 60/100 .60 x 3 = 1.80 so the whole answer is 1 and 80/100 so simplified is 1 and4/5!

Answer #2

Cubed means to the power of three, meaning the quantity (3/5) times itself three times.


(3/5) x (3/5) x (3/5)

Multiply straight across as you normally would…


Answer #3

I was tired, it was late, I just wanted to get it done and go to bed, lol

Answer #4

No idiots can make it too. I was in it ;P

Answer #5

You’re not dumb at all, or else you wouldn’t be in honors math.

Answer #6

u just distribute the exponet to each so its 3 cubed over 5 cubed

Answer #7

ahhh yes thank you soo much. I am dumb sorry

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