Going into the 12th grade, what are good colleges

My conselour at school wants to find 2 colleges im instrested in she says I need 2 have goals because im going into the 12th grade what are good colleges

Answer #1

depends on where you want to go, if you want to be close to your home, if you want to be far away, if you want snow, if you want beaches, etc. collegeboard.com is a really good site to go to and you can “find your match” I don’t remember what it is called exactly, but you can put in majors, clubs, areas, etc. that you want your college to offer, you can also put in what gpa the school must accept, etc. there are countless options that you can put in and you can find the perfect college for you, from there I am sure you and your guidance counselor can find a perfect fit for you, I know I did. (wow that last line sounded really commercial-y haha) good luck!!

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