Strawberry Smoothie, how do you make one?

Does anybody know how to make a strawberry smoothie? :)

Answer #1

When I worked at Jamba Juice, the Strawberries Wild was made with flash frozen strawberries and bananas, non fat frozen yogurt, and apple juice. Yum. I don’t remember the exact measurements but there was probably 1/2 cup of strawberries, 1/3 cup sliced bananas, and two generous scoops of froyo. Enjoy.

Answer #2

-blender (obviously) -strawberries -yogurt…plain or strawberry. -some ice. -sugar. -milk and I put banana’s and apple juice in while making it…it turns out super good

Answer #3

take a blender and put in some fresh or frozen strawberries, you can put in ice cubes if you want, also. I also like to put grape nuts in there, I think they’re healthy for you and it gives it a good texture. you can also put some ice cream in there, that makes it really good. I also like to put crushed pineapple and blueberries in my smoothies.

Answer #4

We make smotthies at home by mixing strawberries, milk, ice, sugar, and yogurt. The same recipe works with bananas instead of strawberries.

Answer #5

I just make it with frozen black berries with sugar and orange juice, with strawberries!!

Answer #6

all good, except you can substitute honey for sugar, or in addition to the sugar. It definitely makes a difference and is healthier.

Answer #7

Try this. (one glass) 4 medium/large strawberries 250g milk 4 ice cubes 2 spoons (big ones) Sugar Yummy, healthy, easy =D (just had one)

Same thing can be done with banana instead of strawberry.

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