How to make tapioca balls very sweet in bubble tea???

I make bubble tea and one time I went and bought it at frulattie anyways the bubbles(tapioca balls) were very sweet.they were sweeter then the actually smoothie!! how do I cook the bubble tea so the they are very sweet? any tips on bubble tea are also appreciated!!

Answer #1

if you are making the milk tea one (the one that’s more liquidy) just add more sugar in the beginning process before you add the ice..

if you’re making the smoothie kind, it depends what you add in it. some add more sweetened fruits. I recommend sweetening your fruits before putting it in or adding sugar. for sweetening fruits, take a strawberry for example and coats about 2 cups of sugar on the strawberries and leave it in the fridge for about 2-3 hours. the sugar will be absorbed and make the fruit extra sweet :3

Answer #2

I just put a ton of sugar in the tea and cook the tapioca in water

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