make a banana smoothie without a blender?

how do you make a banana smoothie without a blender?

Answer #1

milk, smoothie banana powder, cinnamon and place it in a closed container and shake it.

Answer #2

You can also use an immersion, or stick blender, as they are fairly inexpensive, or put ingredients in a food processor, if you have one. The whole idea is to whip air into the smoothie, and really blend the ingredients down finely. If you do it by hand you just won’t get that smooth, light texture you’re looking for, as everything remains clumpy, especially banana, as it is heavier than milk. Good luck!

Answer #3

Mash the ingredients in a bag with a hammer

Answer #4

well if you plan to use a whole bananna in your smoothie a blender is the only thing that will crush it properly everything else will make it clumpy or not cut it up properly and as smooth as you want it

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