Whats the best and easiest smoothie to make?

Is there a smoothie that tastes great and is really good for you?

Answer #1

I love making smoothies, they are so much better than buying them because you

know exactly what is going in them. My favourite smoothie consists of the


Banana Mangoes Apple Juice And the secret ingredient:Vanilla Essence

Yum yum =]

Answer #2

Hmm… I used to work at a Smoothie place (all natural, no syrups) There are so many option. We would use ice (about a cup) We would use fresh squeezed juice We would freeze our fruit to help it stay colder longer.

My favorite was… Mango Juice Fresh Mangos Strawberries Pineapples

Answer #3

If you make your own smoothies use whatever fruit is available. Last year I got 3 flats of blueberries at a farmer’s market and put them in freezer bags and have been making a lot of blueberry smoothies.

Probably the most common smoothie is banana strawberry. This is how I typically make this classic:

a cup or so of ice 2 very ripe bananas a handful of strawberies. a cup or so of apple juice a squeeze or two of honey if it isn’t sweet enough for you

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