how to make a really good smoothie

how to make a really good smoothie lol

Answer #1

Alas, fruity, the smoothie and milkshake may be cousins, but they are separate entities. A smoothie is usually fruits or vegetables blended with milk or yogurt. They rarely contain ice cream.

Answer #2

Chop up half a banana Put a couple of spoons of peanut butter Add some milk Blend that all together OR Chop up a whole banana Add some milk Add some cinnamon and sugar ENJOY!! :)

Answer #3

Smoothie is that your American term for our Aussie Milkshake? If so, I loveee my strawberry milkshake (smoothie).

This is all done in a blender: fruitylicious style :)

– I cut the strawberries in halves ( use at least 6 whole strawberries or more depending on how red you want your shake to turn out) —Add 1/2 cup of skim milk —Add at least 3 or 4 scopes of vanilla ice-creams —Add two mints leaves —Turn the blender on

It’s a great summer drink, people asked me to put some alcoholic stuff into it, but the idea doesn’t sound too appealing so normal strawberry milkshakes (smoothie) would be just fine :)

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