How can I stop a boy in my class from being so perverted toward me?

he always calls me ugly but he keeps saying dirty jokes and saying he wants to do sexu@l things with me and i have a boyfriend.

Answer #1

tell the teacher. IM pretty sure your school has a sexual harassment policy. and just try to avoid him altogether.

Answer #2

threaten to chop of his man part and stick it up you know where… JUST KIDDING. Have you seriously told him to stop, or have you just kind of jokingly around said it? Try to make him understand what he is doing is wrong, and if that doesn’t work, talk to an authority figure at your school. Hope it helps!

Answer #3

i have told him to stop but its getting worse

Answer #4

umm….get your boyfriend to beat some @ss??????

Answer #5

i already did.

Answer #6

I think it depends on HOW you tell him to stop, somewhat. If your body language and tone of voice condtradict what you are saying, you won’t send a clear message. Be direct, don’t smile, and be as serious as possible and hopefully he will leave you alone. If he doesn’t let up, like I said, tell someone who can do something about it like your teacher, or an AP.

Answer #7

I had a boy always lean in towards me, breathe down my neck. Come very close to me….(Yuck) I usually just ran behind my friend Eric, eventually he got the picture. You have to tell him to (Pardon me) f#uc off.

Answer #8

Tell him to stop, once this does not work tell an adult such as the teacher in that class, the school councelor or the principle, the should take further action.

Answer #9

well he should if he cares about you

Answer #10

or he should atleast talk to him

Answer #11

You could go talk to the teacher or the principal at the school.

Answer #12

talk to him online, and politly say, im not into you, and your a bit pervy :)

Answer #13

you really need to tell an adult either your teacher or your parent. You do not have to put up with it and please dont. You are a beautiful young lady and have the right to your space and talk that way is wrong and touching is off limits. Tell someone. He needs to be taught how to treat girls and women and if him getting in trouble does it then thats the way it goes. He should have been taught better at home.

Answer #14

teachers, principles not going to do anything. i would put him in his place and tell him to leave you alone in an high angry voice..if not i would get my brother or guy friend to put him in his place.

Answer #15


Answer #16

some guys that are like this will end up having a hirtory of abuse and that’s sad that guy or girl think they can act like this towards someone.unfortunately he seems to probably have some problems of his own. Like most people here said, maybe talk to your guidance counselor. That is a safe place to go, no one will know why you went there and they are not allowed to say your name to anyone. If you make the anonymous tip about this guy being nasty it’ll soon be stopped. chances are you are not the only girl he is targeting. If you make that first step to turn him in, maybe the next girl will step up. This is your chance to stand up for yourselfand for others that he may, might or is abusing/bullying as well.

Have you talked to your parents about this? because that may be something too. if someone was being like that with my daughter when she gets to be your age. My husband and I would want to know. we would call the school to speak to proper people. or even speak to him and his father. Would your parents stand behind you to help you?

It’s just the decision on who you want to tell first. If you have already asked him. Nothings changed, but gotten worse. someone of higher power really needs to be told.

Let us know what happens. I hope things work out for you. don’t believe what he says or let how he talks bring you down. You are a special person. As I tell all girls I know. You are a diamond up on the shelf. The right person will find you and dust you off. But don’t let foolish boys crack you.

Answer #17

give him what he wants

Answer #18

bitch slap him next time he does it… if that doesnt work get ur bf to teach him a lesson

Answer #19

Simple Don’t dress like a hoochie mommy. I hate to say it, but some girls dress slutty to gain attention but when they do, they think the guy is perverted. I use to see it in HS all the time.

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