Creepers, stalkers, and perverts!

Ok im 14 so there’s this guy (18) in one of my classes and he always tries to tickle me and poke me and stuff! It’s so annoying and creepy! He knows I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend! And he got a blow job from another girl while he was with his current girlfriend… He’s creeping me out. Suggestions to get him out of my face?

Answer #1

Tell him you’ll file sexual harassment against him- since he’s 18 and its more than a 2 year difference, he’ll get in more trouble for it, and he knows it. Just the idea of that should get him to stop.

Answer #2

tell him you dont feel comfortable with what hes doing.. if you feel confortable telling your boyfriend whats going on- if hes going to be mad at you dont tell him- but have him say something to the guy.. hope I helped

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