Who thinks this boy will grow up to be a rapist/pervert?

There’s this boy at school in my class in first year. He is taller and older than all the other kids in my class and he acts like a pervert with us.

He touches our butts and tries to touch our chests (this is for both girls and boys, he doesn’t seem to care.) He sneaks up behind us and says he likes it when we scream. He got an erection during science class the other day because my friends and I were hugging.

He repeatedly touches my male friend on the butt and always trys to drag him into empty rooms. He calls him “gay” and “homo” afterwards and says that my friend liked having his butt touched really.

In classes, he annoys anyone who is unfortunate enough to be sitting near him by stroking their legs, and if they get up to got to the bathroom he rubs their chair where they sat.

His habits don’t just stand at mildly sexual, they can be violent too and he beat up one boy for calling him a retard. He is mentally ill, I know this, but he shouldn’t be allowed to do stuff like that, right?

The teachers know, his parents know but he continues! I’m worried because if this behavour carries on throughout his life, into his adulthood, he could be a danger to those around him!

Please, let me know what you think!

Answer #1

ummm ok first : HELLL NOOO DONT LET ANYONE TOUCH YOU and second if he wont stop with you telling teachers or adults lets see how it goes when you all the cops. and he cant say ANYTHING beuase 1st: he should lay a FINGER on you 2nd: he shouldnt be touching people 3rd: hes ill(as you say) and needs sum sort of help 4th: him doing this to people can lead up to very bad things EXample: BEING A RAPIST…ITS NOT GOOD! so if he touches you again or you see him touch anyone again tell him you’ll call the cops and if that doesnt help him then call the cops!! this isnt something that just goes way…YOU need to be the one to stop it! : ] good luck<3

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