What is he thinking? I need to decode a boy's brain.>>?

There’s this guy in my class that I’ve always found cute. I’ve known for about 4 months now. He was always a very respectful person. Even though sometimes his in a bad mood, he always says sorry. Little by little everyday, I fell for him. Recently, his been acting strange towards me. He’s more consious and all. He always bothers me and my friend. In other words, he’s paying more attention to me now. We talk a lot, and he’s the one who usually breaks the silence and starts the talking. He backs me up when someone picks on me. He helped me arrange the things in the classroom when I had to stay after class. And I always catch him staring. The most awkward thing was yesterday when he asked me if I would ever do a blowjob for a guy, I said:”hell no!”, then he just smiled and looked at his friend and they both started asking questions about me. I’m just wondering why he’s paying so much attention to me. And when I said I wouldn’t give head to a guy, he just smiled sweetly, what does that mean? and does he like me?

Answer #1

He definately likes you, but you need to make sure he really likes you as a person because he might just want you to have sex with him.

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