How to stop a boy from touching me?

Well my friend andre likes me,and well he’s always “touching” me like private parts rubbing my leg squeezing my boobs and other places,even though it feels nice,I don’t think its right.hes always saying I have a sexy body,the real reason why it doesn’t feel right is because I dont think im ready to have sex.I do masturbate,but I just dont think I need to have sex at the age of 13 who do I tell him to stop touching me without him trying to tell me its ok to have sex?

Answer #1

if he keeps touching you hit him in his target that teach him not 2 touch you >XDD

Answer #2

well hun, I lost my virginity at 13. the biggest mistake I’ve ever made!! I was left so hurt. so please dont and save yourself the heartbreak. yeah, it feels good but it doesnt last long enough to make the heartbreak go away. so wait until your a lil older. and if hes still around, then its up to you

Answer #3

tell him to back off and give you some space. If he continues stand up turn around and tell him that you are not interested in him in that way and if he continues that you will tell he parents and if that pisses him off. kick him where it hurts hard then run like hell.

Answer #4

tell him it doesnt feel right to you and that your preserving your body(wouldnt put it exactly that way but something close to it)

Answer #5

Tell him to cut the shit. No means no. If you don’t want him touching you, he needs to stop. If he keeps it up, smack his hands.

Answer #6

just tell him that you arnt a hoe and that he shouldnt treat you like one

Answer #7

if you dont like him touching you then dont let him but if you like it but dont wanna go any further then thats fine you can just tell him your not ready.

Answer #8

Whether it is ok to have sex or not, if you dont want HIM touching you, then tell him to stop. No one has the right to touch you without your permission. Again, the part about sex is really irrelevant. Even if you were ready for sex, it does not give him permission to touch you. Also, he’s really not your friend…

Answer #9

tell him to fuck and if he is still is doing it tell him mom and yes you are to young to have sex maybe wait till you are 15 o 16

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