What does "i.e." stand for, I see it a lot when people write?

Also, what does “etc…” mean, I know it stands for etcedera (don’t know how to spell it), but what does it mean?

Answer #1

it means “for example” :)

Answer #2

oh ok, but why is it “i.e”? why not “f.e” (for example) What do the “i” and the “e” stand for?

Answer #3

I dont really know.. I just asked my friend the exact same thing! It just does lol :)

Answer #4

lol, it’s odd. I wonder if anyone knows? Doesn’t quite make sense to me.

Answer #5

Actually it doesn’t mean for example it means “that is” as in explaining something not giving an example.

Answer #6

ok, but what do the “i” and the “e” stand for?

Answer #7

The abbreviation “ie” comes from the latin words “id est”.

Answer #8

Still doesn’t make much sense to me, but okay! Thanks for your help, now I can use “i.e” in my sentences! YAY! lol.

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