I finally figure out what I want to do Stand-up comedy

I alway have a lot of dream. to be when I grow up. ( join the navy be a chef or be a vet ect.). but I figure out. ill be best at Stand-up. Making jokes for about 1 hour. is what I do best. my family alway told me I alway joke a lot. I think I would do great. at it. I love making peoples laugh. it would be a perfect career for me. there just two problem 1 minor and the other one well is a bit huge. the minor one is am a bit shy. I can over-come that No problem. then there then huge one =[. I had a Birth problem. I got a speech Problem :(((. I can still say a lot of word good enough but still. it might just be impossible for me to do stand up :(. Is it Impossible for me to do stand up comedy?… if not. how would I start off?

also IF it not impossible for me to do stand up comedy. could I put some of my jokes on here and ask people what they think of it?


Answer #1

Stand-up comedy is not one of those positions that you just apply for and then get. There’s a lot of competition for anything involved in the entertainment business.

Most stand-up comedians start at the local level, and gradually build a name for themselves. Once you develop a repertoire, maybe you could offer your services to local events like fundraisers or parties, and build up your fan base like that. Eventually you’ll get over your shyness. Your speech impediment, well, the delivery of your jokes is going to be a large part of your success so you have to find a way to work that into your act. Is it something you can make fun of yourself?

Answer #2

The most important thing is to make sure you got your material lined up. Write down the jokes, and run them by people (a good way to know if they’re good, or they bomb).

Then you will have a stable of jokes that you can always turn to.

Answer #3

hey anything is possible dude if you want to do stand up then do it theres absoultly nothing wrong with having a birth affect and you can do anything your heart is set on and yeah dude put some funny stuff on here I need a good laugh

Answer #4

do you have any comedy videos on youtube if so tell meh I would love to take a look at em!!!

Answer #5

GO FOR IT!! and definitely put some of your jokes on here! good luck!

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