Why do lots of heavy metal people swear a lot?

I was watching Metallica’s ‘Some Kind of Monster’ DVD a few weeks ago and in the film I heard James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo and Bob Rock swearing a lot, and I have heard Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne swear a lot.

why do heavy metal people swear a lot?

Answer #1

Because its the style of music, self expression, swearing is them expressing themselves through music and words. Also the crowd of people associated with heavy metal are usually those who prefer to swear.

Answer #2

I think you’re generalizing a bit here. Especially since “heavy metal” is such a broad term. There’s Christian bands you could put under that category, I’m sure many of them try to avoid swearing. Just because someone makes music under a certain label, doesn’t mean that they necessarily follow that. I’m sure there are many country singers and pop stars who do their share of cursing.

Answer #3

Heavy metal is motivated by a hatred of the status quo and the general human condition. We do live in a world where 2/3 of humanity live in hunger squalor and hopelessness and most of the lucky 1/3 live lives of quiet desperation. How would most people who are mad about all of this express themselves?

Answer #4

but bands like lamb of god swear too

Answer #5

Lamb of God is heavy metal.

Answer #6

um…. stereotypes? Everyone swears hun…

Answer #7

i know lamb of god are a heavy metal band from virginia, i know a lot about heavy metal

Answer #8

Because it gets them attention. Heavy metal bands, and actually all bands, do alot of things to get attention. They love the spotlight, and as crazy as it sounds, if they throw the “f” bomb into the mix, we stop and usually say “DUDE! WHAT did he just say?!?” It’s like children. When someone teaches them a curse word, even if they are told not to say it, they say it to get attention. Negative attention is still attention. And if it’s not for attention, its out of habit. Work in a factory for awhile, they cuss like sailors too lol

Answer #9

some people who listen to heavy metal are angry or stressed people so they would probly swear anyways. also the people they hang out with may hav something to do with it.

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