Is it legal to keep a squirrel as a pet in London, Ontario?

As most know, im raising a 4 week old grey squirrel. She is perfectly healthy, and is growing great. She is friendly, and very dependent on me. I was just wondering if any one knew if they were legal here in london ontario. I tried looking it up, but got some bullsh1t sites, that just annoyed me. anyways, answers are much appreciated !

Answer #1

Regrettably, it is illegal and you face a fine up to $12,000. Apparently, the government has a “leave nature to take its own course” attitude when it comes to the care of wild animals. I respect what you’re trying to do … my only advice - don’t get caught.

Answer #2

thank you. and thaats a really big fine..Do you know how to get a squirrel licence ?

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