Can you keep a hyena as a pet?

I read its becoming more common, and i want one!

Answer #1

Wild animals are just that, wild animals. They are not meant to be pets and will never be domesticated. There are SO many people who get animalls that are meant to be wild and end up hospitalized when they attack.

Answer #2

I was actually curious about this beacause they are just so cute always gigling lol No you aren’t allowed to keep Hyenas as pets, theyre wild and they may attck you just because its in their nature, so you probably really wouldnt want one

Answer #3

no, its a wild animal, if it was allowed to be a pet you would need a special animal license to keep it and obviously need to know how to take care of one. its sounds pretty stupid to me though and ive never heard of anyone who has one as a pet. there not like dogs, they need to live in a pack to survive and they can bite through bone. their scavangers and also exellent hunters, and they wont hesitate to kill a human or a pet animal thats nearby. their wild animals that need to stay wild

Answer #4

Yes, the phrase “Why would you want to?” comes to mind ;-)

Answer #5

heck, why not? People have tigers as domesticated pets. However, get one when its still young so it does not learn its violent and natural instincts..

Answer #6

True… Besides. If you think practically, you don’t want a hyena as a pet. They usually smell really bad, because they are scavengers and feeding one will cost ALLOT! Not to mention mandyloo’s excelent answer.

Answer #7

not unless u wanna be killed

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