Legal to have a pet capuchin monkey?

Where is it legal to have a pet capuchin monkey???

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is it legal to keep a capuchin monkey as a pet in the uk?

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Monkeys are really not a great pet...they are strong and unpredictable...can actually hurt you...stick with the usual stuff... I' ve never seen one in a pet store...probably is a law so check with your local pet store ...

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monkeys arnt really animals you should keep as pets
they dont survive well with humans
when there away from there natural enviroment and away from there own kind
they cant adapt to our food and cages, ect without causeing lots of distress to it first
and if its a baby, boththe mother and the baby will be very distressed to be parted...
there not animals like cats, dogs, birds, hampsters, ect
there wild animals from thr jungle, the need there jungle enviroment to survive and live happy lives

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it is legal in the uk but you need a license this might help -

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nova scotia is all I know... dont know why I know that though...

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I still don't know, but here is a website that will help:

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nova scotia , new brunswick , british columbia , manitoba

I don't know other than that

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It depends on which state you live in. Some states have total bans on all primates. Other states require permitting and ban certain species, such as the great apes, and/or Macaques. Other states have no regulations, BUT some counties within those states do have bans. Always check with your State's Fish & Game Department, and then local laws. Some states require experience prior to getting a primate.

I suggest you do your research FIRST. Primates are in the baby stage for 1-3 years tops. After that they require persons who know how to handle an adult primate, and what their temperament is like. Visit for more information and an outline on which states have bans etc. Primate ownership can be very fullfilling, BUT it takes a VERY dedicated person with patience,understanding, and knowledge of their husbandry.

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In the US it depends on your state, and then local laws. About 19 states have total bans. The rest have either partial bans requiring permits for others, or no regulations at all. Note that even in states with no laws some counties do have bans. For an outline of states visit Also read the rest of the site. Monkeys are very cute when young, but during and after maturity require persons who understand their needs, and know how to handle them. They are A LOT or work, and require constant companionship to be happy. Capuchins are a 40+ year commitment. Are you sure that you are ready for that? You will have an animal who will be in the terrible two's stage for EVER. Research all that you can before getting one and make sure that monkey ownership is right for you.

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