Do I need speakers for my computer in order for the sound to work?

I have a desktop computer, there is a plug in on my tower and it is for headphones, I plug my headphones in it, and make sure my volume is enabled and turned all the way up, but no sound.. I am not good with computers, so can someone help me out? Do I have to buy speakers, or is it supposed to work without them?

Answer #1

Some computers have built in speakers and some have to have seperate speakers hooked up. What type of computer is it?

Answer #2

Phillips monitor, compaq presario tower, and compaq keyboard…

Answer #3

clcik start - run and type dxdiag - click on the sound tab and if you can take a screenshot (prt scrn) above the insert key or write down what it says.

Answer #4

If the speakers aren’t built in, then yes you do.

Answer #5

You should have a disc which came with your desktop, laptop or netbook computer. These discs install the software for the speakers, wi-fi and video thingy to work.

Answer #6

Matty, Here is the screen shot -

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