does a restore CD work on its own for crashing computer?

My computer has been crashing and wont start so we ordered a restore CD from gateway. The only thing is does it need to be installed in order to work? It wont let us start it because it keeps sayin it failed, so if we just turn the computer on and put the restore CD in, will it work like that? please help me

Answer #1

If you have a restore CD, put it in your CD/DVD drive and reboot then follow the on-screen instructions. You can then restore your PC to its factory install.

Remember to backup anything you don’t want to lose like Photographs, Music or anything you downloaded that you want to keep.

Answer #2

restore cd as in reformating cd rite to reformat your pc.. well first you should turn on the pc and imedietly go to setup mine is f2 (yours might be different) once your in the setup insert the disc and acess the cd-rom from the setup and it should restore automaticly from then.

Answer #3

I don’t know I want to know that too.I will tell you if I find out K//?

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