my sound dsnt work on my computer why??

hey on my computer cnt here anything whn I chck it says that sound device is not avalable or something how cn I mk to work again the sound card??

Answer #1

A really basic thing you might check is to be sure your speakers are plugged in to your computer. {I once called a friend asking for help with this same problem and after he was on the phone for an hour trying to help me, he said, “Ummm, you HAVE checked that your speakers are plugged in, right?”Oooops! Major red-face time!}

Answer #2

It sounds like you may have deleted your driver. You will need to reinstall the sound drive. If you have the install cd, you can do it yourself, if not, call the manufacturer.

Answer #3

First, assuming it once worked, did it just quit or did you change something? If it just quit, then look for faulty equipment. If you installed or changed specifications, retrace your steps and make sure you followed the directions.

Make sure speaker volume is on at both the speakers and the computer. Make sure your control panel settings are sending sound to the speakers and not to your headset. If you installed mechanical parts make sure your video audio card and drivers are compatible. Most computers have a trouble shooting system to help you pin point the problem.

Major electronic supply stores have technicians who will trouble shoot almost anything. Some will dial into your computer to look at it. Some will come to your house.

Good luck!

Answer #4

or maybe you dont have the sound driver?

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